Meet our accessory category full of advantages. As Polkom family, we are always with you with auxiliary materials for garments. Increase the quality of the products you supply with snap buttons, hooks and bars, sew on snaps, hook and eye, stoppers and much more. Reflect your corporate image in the best way with options such as metal ring, eyelets, metal plate and rivet in our accessory category where you can reach all your sectoral needs.

The processes we carry out with the latest technological production machines enable us to achieve the same quality standard in each product. There is nothing missing in our rich product range where you can find the accessories you are looking for instantly! Start building your business today with metal studs, cork ends, pullers, polyester buckles, metal buckles and much more.

Snap Buttons, Hooks and Bars, Hook and Eye and More

Polkom, which enables you to reach the accessories you need in the field of apparel with one click, is at your side with its products with a wide range of colours and materials. You can evaluate accessories that are much higher than the standard quality levels in women’s, men’s, children’s and baby clothing products, as well as other apparel products. The types of accessories that stand out with their robustness and elegance increase both the material and aesthetic value of the products they use. In addition to standard sizes, our range of accessories are almost unlimited to meet your needs for special orders. We are at your side with snap buttons, hooks and bars, hook and eye and more, which are among the accessories that we produce with the understanding of maximum quality.

Quality in Stopper, Metal Ring and Eyelets

With our range of accessories with different color, patterns and size alternatives, you will sign your name on durable and robust products for many years. Choosing high-quality materials from the auxiliary materials directly affects the quality of the products you supply. This is reflected in the sales figure of the products. Providing quality products to the sector increases your brand value and sales. In order to achieve efficiency in your brand, you can reach stopper, metal ring and eyelet and other apparel auxiliary products you need with one click. Meet your expectations from our 24-hour store, thanks to our end-to-end solutions. Take advantage of our professional consultancy services and easily make your choice among the products.