Cord Ends


A cord end is a type of accessory that is adapted to the end of cords or ties. We are proud to add value to your brand as Polkom, which increases the quality of the products thanks to the cord end varieties we have produced from zamak and brass. The zamak group is usually attached to the cord in the form of a knot. These products, which we have the opportunity to produce in every color, are mostly used in women’s trousers, dresses or tracksuits.


Cord end, also known as a stopper in the industry, means stopper. Cord end types, also referred to as cord fixers or cord locks, can be used in many areas. These products, which can be used in underwear and top wear products, winter coats, coats, tracksuits and much more, meet the user needs in the best way. Polkom, which meets your expectations in the best way with its cord end varieties with different colour and pattern alternatives, is the primary choice of brands that need cord end thanks to the use of fast samples and quality raw materials.

High Comfort with Types of Cord Ends

Attracting attention to its aesthetic appearance as well as its functionality, the cord end is also preferred in different packaging designs and technical materials used for sportive purposes. These products prevent the complexity of transactions in areas where knots are likely to occur. These products, which stand out with their patterned and aesthetic design, can be produced with different materials. This means that you can reach the cord end options you need without costing over your budget. Our cord end options, which are very advantageous for producers of all sizes, are sent to all parts of Turkey and to Europe with the possibility of fast shipping. In this way, you can easily complete your production processes without interrupting your work flow.

Great Comfort with Cord End Options

Quality is in the details. The quality of a product is hidden in the attention given to details. The cord end options, which should not be ignored in the production processes, help the material used to be much more robust and durable. You can print your brand’s name or logo on the cord end options, which stand out not only with their functionality but also with their aesthetic stance. While this advantage increases the value of your brand, it also reduces the manufacturability of imitation products.