Eyelets are one of the indispensable and most stylish accessories of dresses. These accessories, which come in new sizes and varieties every day, can be produced in many colors and sizes. With the developing technology, the quality performance of the products increases day by day. These developments also greatly affect textile accessories.


Eyelets, like all other metal accessories, benefit from these developments. These accessories, which are generally preferred in nickel, miralloy and gun metal colors, create results that will increase the value of the brand. Eyelet types, which come to the fore with their functionality as well as their visuality, ensure that those who prefer your products have textile products that they can use for many years. As the Polkom family, we produce the highest quality eyelet varieties in line with the demands of our customers and we offer almost every metal coating or spray colour as an alternative while performing the production.

Uses of Eyelets

Eyelets are generally used almost anywhere there is a cord. Recently, it has started to be used as an ornamental accessory as a result of the increasing need for accessories in dresses and the effort to stand out with different designs. Apart from dresses, shoes, belts, car accessories, hats and pucks are also preferred in many different clothing items. Eyelets, which can be used in many different sectors, offer ergonomics and aesthetics together. For this accessory, which is used only by nailing with a mold, we also provide our customers with fastening mold support for each eyelet we produce. In this way, we save you from additional costs.

More Aesthetic Production Outputs with Eyelets

When you add eyelet detail to a flat product that you offer, you add great value both visually and functionally. Eyelets, which should be in every area where laces are used, are also very popular in designer textile products. You can increase the efficiency of your company thanks to the eyelet options that increase the quality and material value of the product in the areas where it is used. You can consult us for eyelet options that we produce from different sizes and raw materials. If you cannot decide which product is best for you, you can get support from our expert consultants. Thanks to our sample support, you can pinpoint without making a wrong decision.