Hook and eye is a kind of delicate and stylish accessory that we produced from brass and zamak, generally used in women’s clothing. The hook and eye, which functions as auxiliary material, serve to attach the ends of the clothing items to each other. The fastening process, which is carried out by means of rings and small hooks, occurs by interlocking the two parts of the hook and eye.


Hook and eye options are complementary materials. Hook and eye models, which are generally used in three different parts of clothing, can be used in a wide variety of textile products, especially bras. Hook and eye options, which are also preferred to combine the exposed parts of the dresses, are also effective in arranging the waist sections of trousers and skirts. The hook and eye options, which allow the clothes to fit into the waist gap, have an important function on the contrary to their small size.

The Effect of Hook and Eye Types Is Great

Although the types of hook and eye are small, their functions are great. In the absence of these products, clothes may become unusable. You can choose Polkom quality for these materials, which are very easy to transport and store thanks to their small size and light weight. Polkom, the address of qualified products, allows you to reach the hook and eye options you need with one click. It is possible to have these products, which you can have different colour options according to your request, dyed in the same colour of your fabric. Our company, responding to your demands in the best way, gives you the support you need to produce perfect clothes.

Hook and eye options are very effective

Hook and eye options, which have a very important effect on clothes, are offered to you with many different alternatives from pink to black, from white to tan. You can also make special size requests for the hook and eye options we have produced in standard sizes. In our 2000 square meter production facility, we offer the solutions that will give the most accurate answers to your needs. In this way, you improve your product quality and turn your potential customers into real customers and your current customers into loyal customers. Polkom, which is your biggest assistant in clothing with its knowledge and experience in the sector, is at your side with the most suitable solutions for your needs. You can contact us for economical and ergonomic hook and eye options, and you can create your order immediately wherever you are in the world.