The hooks and bars is an accessory consisting of two or four parts located on the front of the trousers, next to the button. Polkom, which produces hooks for many kinds of women’s and men’s trousers, especially size 05 and 10, appeals to those who want to be stylish and also want to acquire a functional accessory.


The hooks and bars, which has gone through a difficult production process, is produced entirely with the help of molds. Brass is obtained in press-style molds by connecting stainless or iron strips to production machines. These products, which have a certain design standard, have two very popular models called 05 and 10. The hooks and bars model with No 05 is mostly used in women’s and children’s trousers, and the 10 models is mostly used in men’s trousers.

Color Options and Coatings of Hooks and Bars

Hooks and bars colours are generally nickel colour. It can also be produced in different colors depending on customer demand. As the Polkom family, we recommend only galvanized colours, as the hooks and bars, which is dynamic piece, is subject to constant friction. Colors can fade very quickly because spray colors have a lot of wear. We are careful not to use heavy metals in all the colours we use and we produce all our products to high standards that will pass the tests. We sign our name on unique and high-quality products with our hooks and bars, each of which is of the same quality.

Usage Areas and Application of Hooks and Bars

Hooks and bars types are mostly used in women’s, men’s and children’s trousers. These products, which generally consist of 4 parts, also have options such as hand sewing, which consists of two parts. Hooks and bars types, which can be used on skirts as well as trousers, are also preferred for aesthetic purposes only. In order to apply the four-piece versions of these products to a garment, they are assembled using false molds that are produced for the product itself and do not forgive even millimetric errors. It should not be forgotten that each manufacturer’s pattern is different. Even millimetric differences in products that look exactly the same visually have a huge impact. Each manufacturer offers its customers its own pattern. For this reason, when you change the production centre where you purchased the hooks and bars, you should definitely ask the new production centre for the size of the product molds.