Metal buckle is a type of accessory that has been used as a clamping function in many products for a long time. These products, which have a wide usage area, can be produced in different sizes. Metal buckles are first produced from a metal raw material, which we call zamak, with its main body, by means of molds.


Then, the buckles, which go through the polishing process for a smooth surface, are ready to use with the last coating process and tongue mounting process. Metal buckle options, which can be used in promotional products, shoes, belts, bags and other accessories, have a very important place in women’s and men’s clothing. These products, which can be used in a wide variety of areas from hairpins to mobile phones, from belts to sports shoes, fully meet your expectations with Polkom quality and assurance.

Metal Buckle Types and Models

The varieties, which have a very rich choice in terms of models and varieties, can be produced in different sizes. These products, which are preferred in many sectors, can be produced with or without language. Metal buckle options with different forms such as oval, rectangular, round, engraved, framed give the best response to all your demands thanks to their different sizes and thicknesses. Meet the metal buckle types we produce in high standards with the production methods we specially offer you in our 2000 square meter factory. Metal buckle types, which you can evaluate in a wide range from adjusting the straps on the bags to adjusting the size of the trousers, are as aesthetic as they are functional. For the types of metal buckles you need, contact us now to complete your shopping.

Patterned Options on Metal Buckles

You can customize metal buckle alternatives with many options. Metal buckles with stone and patterned models serve as the adjustment function of belt straps. These products, which are preferred for fixing the products, can be evaluated in a wide variety of areas, from dog collars to watches. Metal buckle types, which increase the value of the products they are used with, directly affect the overall quality of the product. No matter how good the quality of the product is, if the buckle is simple, the entire product seems simple to the customer. For this reason, you should give due importance to metal buckle options. Thanks to Polkom, where you can reach the most suitable metal buckle types for your needs, you will quickly reach solutions that will exceed your expectations.