Metal plates are one of the most preferred accessories that have been introduced to the market with the prominence of accessories and the increase in branding over time. It is possible to see metal plates, which have become a product that adds value to clothing, in almost all types of clothing. These products, which are mostly made of zamak metal, reveal the value that the brand gives to the products it offers.


It is also possible to mount this delicate product, which is usually sewn to the dress through two holes on the right and left, with a false pattern. In garments that will undergo a longer washing process in heavier garments or at higher temperatures, the plates mounted with the drive system perform better and last longer.

How Does Metal Plate Production Happen?

Metal plates are delicate and stylish accessories that are largely molded. Our company, which produces these accessories, which can be produced in different shapes, in all colours by means of molds, inward or outward-facing, responds to your metal plate request in the best way. If you wish, you can print your brand’s logo or name with a laser on the plates made of polyester, wood, metal or other materials that are already produced flat. The more preferred method in this regard is the production that we carry out in injection machines with molds produced specifically for the brand. Our brand, which produces metal plates with double holes or mounted with a hammer mold, meets your metal plate needs of all sizes in the best way.

Colors and Details on Metal Plates

Since the purpose of metal plates is to strengthen branding and highlight the importance that the brand attaches to its products, its colors and production quality are very important. Metal plate options do not have the functional function of accessories such as buttons and buckles. Not using these products does not change the function of the garment. For this reason, metal plate types are produced with the aim of highlighting the elegance. Accordingly, metal plates must be of high quality and attractive. The colors of these products should also be in perfect appearance. As Polkom family, we recommend our customers our hanger coating colors for this type of brand-determining accessories. Hanger coating colors look more vivid and do not fade over time. You can contact us for anything you wonder about metal plating.