Although metal studs made of brass are small accessories that are not very visible, they are used in almost every field. They are used by mounting them in a field with nail molds. The metal studs, which can be produced in any color, have different lengths and sizes. Metal studs used in shoes and heavy clothing extend the life of the products they are used with.


The metal studs have different sizes from each other. These products, which can be diversified according to the dimensions of the area they are used, can be in notched, conical or cylindrical form. These elements, which have very small diameters, are also used in machines. The metal studs, which consist of two different parts connected to each other by means of bolts, serve to secure the products they are used with.

What Are the Functions of Metal Studs?

Metal studs, which have much larger functions in the area where they are used, are very advantageous compared to their small dimensions. The metal studs, which allow the products they are used to be centred, prevent the parts from slipping in various directions. Prefer Polkom for the metal studs you can choose to detect the mutual states of the parts. These tools, which perform the process of connecting the parts that need to be disassembled and reassembled frequently with the bolt half, prevent even the slightest slip of the products. Metal studs for slip-free joining of two parts are usually used in pairs. Thanks to Polkom, which you can choose for your metal stud needs in different materials, you will fully meet your expectations. The tools you can choose for many purposes from centering to balancing are also functional in this respect.

Products Better Quality With Metal Studs

The metal studs, which are made of brass and are almost invisible on the products they are used on, make these products much more durable and high quality. The options, which allow the products to be used for many years without losing their form, meet your needs in products such as heavy dresses and shoes. Brands that pay attention to even the smallest details for happy customers do not compromise on their quality thanks to metal studs. You can also consult us for options that businesses of all sizes can choose. Thanks to our friendly customer representatives and fast transportation network, we deliver the metal studs you need in the fastest and hassle-free way wherever you are in the world. Thanks to their high sensitivity, these metal studs, where you can get the same performance from the first use to the last use, institutionalize your brand and add value to your products.