Buckle is one of the best accessories to be used in a dress along with the button. They attract a lot of attention, especially when used as a combination. We, as Polkom Düğme, offer you many types of buckles. We help you to ensure continuity in production, thanks to our own production of buckle options. Our polyester buckles, which we supply to the sector, are divided into laser cutting and die casting.


Laser cut polyester buckles can be produced in any shape and size our customers want. Laser-cut polyester buckle options usually have a plain appearance, but offer many different color possibilities. Die-cast polyester buckle models, on the other hand, are preferred because they offer opportunities that laser cutting does not provide. Indentations and protrusions that cannot be made in laser-cut polyester buckles can be made in die-cast models. As Polkom, which produces polyester buckles using the best raw materials and auxiliary raw materials, we offer matte, glossy, varnished and laser-engraved polyester buckle options to the sector.

Polyester Buckle Types

You can choose standard production options for polyester buckle types, or you can place special design orders. As the Polkom family, we can produce customer designs exactly as well as 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm and we keep many round and rectangular forms in stock, ready for production. As you can see in our gallery, we can produce polyester buckles, which are generally produced as elliptical, square, rectangular and round, in many different forms. There is almost no production limitation, especially in laser cut buckles. Contact us for polyester buckle types that make even the simplest garment look much more aesthetic and unique. We meet your expectations in the best way with our rich product range, fast supply process and materials that we have produced in our own factory. For polyester buckle options that instantly increase the value of the products, contact us and place your order. Improve your business with the polyester buckles we supply all over Turkey and Europe.

Considerations for Polyester Buckles

The weakest point and actually the biggest problem of polyester buckle types is the breakage problem. Although they are produced from the same material and raw material as the buttons, they can break very quickly if the quality materials and flexibility values are not well calculated due to their size. In order to avoid these problems, especially in polyester buckles, which are exposed to many impacts during the washing of the clothes, the raw materials to be used must be a little more flexible than that of the button. Generally, manufacturers who do not pay attention to these fine points and want to reduce the cost of the product may cause dissatisfaction of the users. As the Polkom family, we use the highest quality materials in the production of polyester buckles. We produce accessories that you can use for many years, thanks to the services we offer with a focus on 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us now to get detailed information about our quality products, do not be left behind with our rich product range that will improve your business.