Pullers, which are used as an accessory in zippers, were only a necessity before, but they have become an important accessory in recent years. With the increasing importance of branding, manufacturers have given much more importance to the pullers they use.


Pullers are accessories that are usually made of metal. In addition to metal, there are different types of pullers made of polyester, natural products and plastic. Metal and plastic pullers are usually produced in mold form. Puller types made of polyester and natural products are mostly produced by processing on lathe machines. Most of the brands especially demand that metal pullers be designed with their own logos and applied to zippers in this way. As the Polkom family, we offer our customers many options to work with their own logos in this way. Mold production is a mandatory process for every new logo work to be done, but the result is perfect for the institutionalization of brands.

Colors and Raw Material Used in Puller Types

Pullers can be produced from many different raw materials. The most preferred of these raw materials is metal. The reason for this is the fact that metal puller alternatives are produced faster, are more durable and can be chosen in many colours that can adapt to zippers. We can coat all of the products we produce in any metal color. Pullers are usually produced in colors suitable for the teeth of metal zippers. The most demanded colours among the colour options are nickel-free, black free and moralloy free. As the Polkom family, we take special care that all the colors we use are nickel-free and comply with European standards.

Why Are Pullers Important?

Brands do not see the accessories they have been using for a long time as a product with only a function. Attention is paid to the design and quality of every accessory produced. Pullers also increased the importance given to products such as buttons and zippers, which is an important step on the way to branding. Every brand wants many of the products it uses to be specially designed and to have its own logo on the surface of these products. This process also makes it difficult to imitate the products offered by the brand in question. It also shows for users how much the brand trusts and cares about their products. For this reason, puller types preferred by corporate brands are of great importance. You can contact us for puller models that help your brand to differentiate from its competitors and you can easily create your order.