As the Polkom family, which produces metal rings in many forms, colours and sizes, especially round ring types in D form and O form, we are always with you. You can evaluate the metal ring options we have produced from zamak in many areas, especially in the textile sector. Metal rings are used in many garments. Among the places where these products are used most, there are women’s clothing products and top clothing products.


Metal ring options, used individually or in pairs, have become very popular with the growing demand for accessories. These products, which have almost become a standard product in the fashion world, add value to the materials they are used in. Our company, which produces all sizes and colours of metal ring options that can be evaluated not only in the fashion industry but also in various fields from furniture to automobile accessories, understands your brand’s needs and directs the sector accordingly.

What are the Metal Ring Types?

The metal rings that we produce in many different models and varieties can be produced in O and D shapes, flat and round forms. You can include the rings that we can produce in any color into your production processes. Another point of separation within the metal rings is the flat or round ones. We fully meet your expectations with our production in many sizes and wall thicknesses, which you can examine from our gallery. If the metal ring types within the standard production are not sufficient for you, contact us. Because, as the Polkom family, we manufacture rings in every model in line with customer demands, except for standard models.

Colors and Sizes of Metal Rings

We can cover our metal ring types with hangers and cabinet coatings in any metal color. Thanks to our strong stock network in nickel, black and yellow (miralloy) colors, which are among the most popular options, we respond to your needs instantly. All of our coating colors pass a series of tests. Our eco-friendly metal ring options are nickel-free. You can find the metal ring options we produce in accordance with European standards, especially the increasing nickel-free or all other free colour needs of exporters, in our colour chart. The molds of all ring sizes, which are standard and intermediate sizes, are available in our company. You can find the metal ring sizes we produce in D and O form below.