Rivets are a great accessory type that can be produced from brass and zamak, often used on jeans to secure a joint more firmly. Rivet options with many sizes and models also provide a sporty appearance in the areas where they are used. With the developing technology, the machines and possibilities used in the production of accessories have also developed.


These developments have also affected the variety and production speed, costs and durability of accessories. The rivet, which is a very delicate and stylish accessory, was affected by this situation. Rivets, which were a necessary tool rather than a fixed accessory about 30 years ago, have recently been used by designers as an accessory that highlights the brand identity. The rivet options, which are preferred by the brands that pay attention to details, have come to the fore with their functionality and aesthetics.

Functions of Rivet Types

Rivets, which are used to make the pocket parts of the clothes more durable, are advantageous both visually and functionally. The rivet options that you can choose so that the pocket parts, which are used repeatedly during the day, do not wear out and do not lose their function over time, are usually produced from small metals. These products, which are in the form of rivets, can be used in many clothing products, especially denim fabrics. These products, which display a very aesthetic appearance on leather fabric, also allow the fabrics to have a more robust structure. After placing the different parts on top of each other, the rivet options you can choose for the reinforcement of the pocket sections can be produced from many different materials.

Materials Using Rivets

Rivets can be produced from a wide variety of materials. Copper, brass, zinc and iron are among the most commonly used materials in rivets. Rivet options, which can be used in a wide variety of areas, especially belts, bag handles and jeans, can also be used for ornamental purposes. These products, which are attached with nails from the back, resemble buttons in appearance. These products, which are frequently used in accessories such as hobby products and bracelets, are also called nails, staples and rivets in the market. Thanks to Polkom, where you can reach the highest quality rivet models you need for your production center, you will meet your needs at the highest level. Thanks to our end-to-end solutions, you will reach the products you need with one click.