The snap button is a type of button made of 90% brass. There are many types of snap buttons consisting of 4 pieces. The most used of these accessories are 54 systems, 61 systems and their varieties called clicks. Snap buttons are one of the must-have items in many garments.


We can identify 54 system snap buttons by their male and female parts. This button variety, which we can offer rich alternatives on the cover part, can be produced in many colors and sizes. Snap button types, which have a perfect appearance with zamak caps, add value to the clothes they are used in. Our most popular covers, which we produce from brass, are divided into two as dished and coin type. In addition, the customer logo or brand name can be embroidered on the covers. The most popular size of snap buttons is 15mm and they are generally preferred as camber and coin type. How about creating timeless pieces with the snap button types we offer you with different color and pattern alternatives? You can reach stylish individuals by choosing these buttons that everyone loves to use in many clothes. The snap button options, which make both the buyer and the seller satisfied, are advantageous in every aspect.

Snap Button Types

We can recognize the buttons, known as 61 systems, from the male and female parts. This system, which is mostly used in coats and heavier clothes, is offered with many cover options as in the 54 system. It is also possible to write a logo or brand on the covers of 61 system buttons that we can produce in any color. Buttons known as Klikit are generally preferred in baby or children’s clothing. The snap button options preferred in baby clothes do not have many size options. These button types, which allow clothes to gain a practical form, are very advantageous. Snap buttons that can be opened and closed with one hand add a sporty look to the clothes they are used in. Snap button options, which are not only functional but also aesthetically advantageous, can also be preferred in design products. Buttons, which have different color and pattern alternatives, allow even the simplest clothes to look much more attractive thanks to these features. This means an increase in the material value of the products.

Rich Options in Snap Button Types

As Polkom, we produce clicks in 3 sizes and many colors, and we enable you to evaluate the products in various fields. As seen in the photos in our snap button tab, we also offer a wide variety of cover options for click buttons. In our product range, there are many options such as suspended, shell, multi-colored or solid-coloured. All types of snap buttons are nailed to the clothes by means of a mold. We provide mold support to our customers for all the buttons we produce. In this way, we save our customers from extra costs. All the products we produce are under the guarantee of Eco Textile certificate and pass quality tests. You can also request opening and closing tests of all our products from us.