Stopper is a stylish and soft accessory type. Single or double hole stoppers, usually made of zamak; can be produced in many forms and colors such as round, rectangular, square and elliptical. Stoppers are commonly produced as single-hole and double-hole springs. Since they are produced for a single purpose, this product, which does not have rich alternatives as a mechanism, has many different forms in terms of external appearance.


It is possible to produce the stopper types in round, square, rectangular, elliptical and other shapes, but the changes in the forms are usually different from each other in terms of design. Although the form of these products changes, the function does not change.

Colors and Sizes in Stopper Types

Metal stoppers can be painted in all kinds of metal colors and can be used for hanging or covering cabinets. As the Polkom family, we offer nickel free options in all the colors we use. We can coat the products, which are generally preferred in primary colors such as nickel free, black free, and miralloy free, in many different colors upon the request of our customers. All of the colors you choose from our color charts can be applied to the stoppers. You will be the winner with the Polkom family, where you can reach results that will increase the quality of your brand by choosing your corporate colors. Polkom, which is always with you with its solutions that increase the quality of your production processes, will meet your expectations in the best way and will be the power behind you while developing your business with its economical products and flexible payment policy.

Raw Material Variety and Molds Used in Stoppers

Stopper types are dynamic. Stopper types, which have a lot of raw material to choose from, are mostly produced with plastic and zamak metal raw materials in the sector. The reason why stoppers are mostly made of metal and plastic is the production method of these two materials is by mold. Accessories such as buttons and buckles can be produced on lathes or laser machines, but this is slightly different for the stopper. Since polyester is a delicate material, the risk of breakage is very high. For this reason, as Polkom family, we only produce stoppers from zamak metal. In this way, we offer our customers robust and aesthetic structures that can be used for many years. In order to get the full value of the budget you have allocated for stoppers, meet the Polkom family right away, and the stoppers you need will come to your door.