Meet with Polkom to increase the value of the clothes you offer to consumers. As our own production, we have the capacity to respond to the button needs of businesses of all sizes, thanks to a rich product range.

Polkom, which exports to many parts of the world, especially to Turkey, is among the leading companies in the sector in the fields of employment and economic development. We respond to everyone’s expectations in the best way with options such as polyester, metal, corozo, imitation horn button and horn button in our product range. Thanks to the button types we produce from natural and synthetic materials, we appeal to every budget and every need. We paint the products we produce in the colors you want and ensure that they match perfectly with the clothes.

Shell, Bone, Coconut and Urea Button Options

You can make your choices right away from Polkom’s rich product range. Our company, which also provides free sample support, allows you to easily reach the products you want. We have our signature behind many kinds of buttons you can think of, such as shell, bone and coconut. There is no limit to the types of buttons we have produced in different scales and in different types. You can choose from a wide range of products such as urea, wooden, men’s buttons, shirt buttons, fabric-covered options and laser-written buttons, and you can send them by courier with our end-to-end solutions. In this way, you will meet your needs without interrupting your workflow.

Shirt Button, Fabric Covered Buttons, Laser Engraved Buttons

You can reach all kinds of buttons such as laser-written, fabric-covered and shirt buttons with us. It is possible to print your brand name or logo on the buttons that are produced using the latest technological tools. In this way, you increase the value of the textile products you produce and the quality of your brand. This feature, which reduces your imitability, adds significant value to your brand. Companies that succeed in becoming a brand determine the value of their products themselves. Being a brand is of great importance in order to create demand for customers. Come to the privileged world of Polkom for your businesses of all sizes, develop your business and earn more. Choose us to make quality touches to textile products.