Bone button types obtained from animal bone are among the most difficult to produce. This natural button type, which is prepared by processing bone, which is a very hard material due to its structure, is produced by processing very slowly in special machines. Bone buttons must be varnished after being painted.


Bone button types, which undergo many different processes, are more expensive and valuable than other button options. Bone buttons are completely natural, just like horn buttons, and they attract a lot of attention thanks to their natural look. Bone buttons, which were preferred before mass production started, especially with materials such as polyester, have increased their popularity recently. The most common action for this button type is the obsolescence method. Thanks to this process, a more authentic atmosphere is added to the bone button and it is offered for sale in its original color. Bone buttons, which are also available in painted, written, laser-patterned and varnished forms, are preferred due to their attractive appearance.

Preparation of the Bone Button

Bone buttons are produced with ageing methods or methods of giving a burnt effect, rather than processes such as dyeing and adding patterns that will cast a shadow on the structure of the product. Bone button options produced from buffalo and cow bones can be used in many areas. The sector in which these products are used most frequently is clothing. Bone buttons, which attract attention in the clothing industry, are one of the buttons that are very difficult to make.  Brands that offer high-priced products that have made their mark in the clothing industry use these buttons in order to increase the quality of their products. Because bone is a very hard material, it is much more durable than a normal button.

Raw Materials of Bone Buttons

Cow and buffalo bones, which are meticulously worked on, are subjected to a series of arduous processes and become final. Bone, one of the materials that are difficult to process, has been used since ancient times. In many excavations, bone buttons used in ancient times have been revealed. The bone button options, which have managed to add a nostalgic atmosphere to the style of the clothes with their old look, are among the most used button types today, although they are costly.

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