Coconut buttons


The base and main ingredient of the coconut buttons is the coconut nut. It is also completely natural type of button. The manufacturers of clothes use the coconut buttons mostly during the autumn and winter seasons because the color of the coconut is dark and people, in these seasons, are wearing mostly dark clothes. Since the main raw material for the manufacturing of the buttons is coconut and in order not to lose its natural color and properties, the buttons are not painted. Their homeland is India. To produce buttons we get the material in pucks, in its natural form, from India and we finish processing them with our machines and equipment. The coconut buttons can be with 2, 4 or more holes, depending on the requirements of our customers.

Coconut buttons, compared to polyester buttons are more expensive, but more fragile. There is a risk of breakage, and for this reason should be paid attention to the main raw material – it should be more durable and should have more quality for their manufacturing. Therefore, we use reliable companies from which we purchase the raw materials, necessary for the manufacturing of the buttons, thus reducing the risk also to our potential customers.

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