Coconut button is produced from the hard outer shell of the coconut fruit grown in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and India. Although the shell of the coconut fruit is rough, it has a very light structure. Therefore, it is especially preferred in the clothing industry. Coconut buttons, which are indispensable for those who prefer naturalness, are usually offered without being painted, in their natural colour, only by seeing a transparent varnish process.


Depending on your request, you can have coconut button types in different formats. Contact us for easy access to coconut button options, which you can have on special orders according to the area you will use the products and your demands. Our experienced team, who are experts in their field, allows you to reach the coconut button varieties you need in the fastest and smoothest way.

Exotic Appearance with Coconut Button Types

The types of coconut buttons preferred by those who do not want to use plastic raw materials have reduced the sales of buttons produced from polyester raw materials in the first periods. In the following periods, the mass production of polyester material reduced the price of polyesters. This has helped polyester buttons become in demand again. Today, with the increase in demand for natural and recyclable materials, coconut button types are frequently used in men’s and children’s categories, especially in women’s textile products. Coconut buttons ensure that the burden caused by heavy buttons attached to clothes is eliminated. Coconut, which has a lightweight yet durable shell, comes to the fore for this reason. You can have coconut button types that you can have in different sizes, wholesale and retail. All you have to do for this is to contact our sales representatives about the products you like from our coconut button tab. You can also request special production for coconut button types, which have alternatives such as two-hole and four-hole.

Coconut Button Features

Traces of coconut shell can be seen on the outer surface of coconut buttons. These lines symbolize naturalness as well as a stylish and elegant look. Coconut buttons, which are an indispensable product for individuals who like to use products with natural ingredients, are usually offered for sale by burning or varnishing. Coconat buttons, which are not usually painted due to their structure, can be subjected to laser processing in order to create a pattern print. Laser application can be made for logo or brand printing on these products. Even if any of these processes are not done, it is passed through the varnishing process, so that the natural structure of the button remains intact. With Polkom, which fully meets your expectations with its rich product variety, you can increase the quality of the clothes you sell with buttons with natural ingredients. Coconut button types, which increase the material value of the clothes they are used in, also create an exotic and attractive appearance in clothes. Contact us now to have the amount of coconut buttons you need.

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