Laser engraved buttons, which are among the types of buttons used in many sectors from textile to furniture, increase brand awareness and institutionalism. The technology, which allows the logo or text to be engraved on the button with the help of a laser machine, allows you to reach results that will increase the income of the enterprises and the value of the products. Laser engraved buttons, which are preferred for logo and brand writing, also create a high-level quality in terms of appearance.


After printing your brand on the buttons or on the side, it is also possible to paint the text or logo. Laser-printed buttons, which are especially preferred by corporate companies, have different options such as matte-gloss, semi-matt, semi-gloss and glossy. Buttons, where you can print your company’s logo or your brand directly, come to life with laser burning machines specially produced for the button industry. Laser engraved buttons that you can have with Polkom quality and assurance ensure that your production outputs are qualified.

Attractive Images with Laser Engraved Buttons

By entering the magical world of buttons, you can increase the efficiency of your production output. Laser engraved buttons that you can choose on different button types such as horn, mother-of-pearl and corozo create an attractive appearance, especially on polyester buttons. Laser engraved buttons, which you can also print in your company’s corporate colours by means of coloured writing machines, contribute to the branding of your company. By choosing among Polkom’s rich button range, you can enrich the top of the button you want with laser. Laser engraved buttons, which are also advantageous for consumers, help your brand have a premium look.

Brand with Laser Engraved Buttons

Buttons, which ceased to be an accessory with a function a long time ago, have become one of the most important steps of branding. Understanding the importance of branding, manufacturers develop their buttons with different demands and designs every day and demand logos. The logo process, which was very expensive in the past, has been offered at affordable prices in the button sector over time, as in every field. The brand, which is on the button and similar accessories, is a work that is given great importance and attention in the button industry in this respect. If you want to increase the value of your brand with laser engraved buttons, consult us.

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