Fabric covered buttons, as can be understood by their name, are a type of button produced by covering the fabric on the button capsules. These products can be preferred in all garment products. Fabric-covered buttons, which make the textile products they are used to look much more aesthetic, come in many different forms. Among the fabric-covered button models, the most popular ones are the footed button types with feet at the bottom, flat on the top or in the form of a camber.


The foot part of these products is usually made of plastic and the upper part is made of aluminum. There are also fabric-covered buttons with metal feet in the industry, however; these buttons are not in demand due to the difficulty of production and the price disadvantage. Another type you can choose for fabric covered buttons is buttons with two or four holes.  These models are also among the rare preferred options. Among the other fabric-covered buttons used in the industry, there are button types with and without hidden holes.

Production Process of Fabric Covered Buttons

In the production of fabric covered buttons, capsules specially prepared for manufacturing are used. Fabric covered buttons manufactured by coating the capsules can be prepared by manual or automatic machines. Thanks to the production patterns used, it is possible to produce fabric-covered buttons of all sizes. Specially developed knives are used to cut the fabric to the desired length in order to avoid wastage in production. Thick or braided fabric makes it difficult for the blades to function. For this reason, we kindly ask the companies that want to cover the buttons with fabric, to send a sample before sending the whole fabric.

Dyes Prepared for Fabric Covered Buttons

As Polkom, which produces buttons with bottom feet and holes from 14 sizes to 40 sizes, we offer qualified and long-lasting buttons for you. We produce dyes for many different types of buttons, especially shirt buttons, which are among the most sought-after button types in the industry. Our brand, which produces button dye with automatic machines, enables the processes to be completed very quickly thanks to its high technology based on automation. Please note that you need to get information about the amount of fabric you will send from Polkom, which offers 14L, 16L, 18L, 20L, 24L, 28L, 32L, 36L and 40L dyes and much more with quality production output. You can find the equivalent of the button sizes in the table of minimum quantities and sizes in centimeters.

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