Imitation horn buttons

Buttons are almost as ancient as civilization. During this long time they have undergone many changes, rises and falls. Certain traditional materials have established which, after the temporary passion for the plastics, have been rediscovered to again take leading positions.


The abundant choice of the modern consumer

The different situation today is that buttons have become generally available for everyone. If this undoubtedly necessary accessory is too expensive for you, if made of natural materials, than for a much lower price you can buy an excellent polyester substitute.
The offered imitation horn button is a particularly successful imitation. If manufactured by a renowned producer, it would be difficult to the eye of a layman to differentiate it from the real horn button in appearance, texture, and touch.

Specificity of their manufacture

A key stage of their production is the manner of casting the material that has to ensure complete mixing of the dyes used, which is achieved with specialized machines. A lot of material goes to waste during the filling of the moulds and this raises the production cost. The entire batch must be produced at once, because despite the formulas, it is less likely to have the same colours twice. Due to the high complexity of the production process these buttons are manufactured only in large companies.

Advantages of the successful imitation of horn buttons

On the one hand, although they are more expensive than the common polyester buttons, the imitation remains cheaper that the real horn buttons. On the other hand, all the advantages, characteristic of polyester, could be taken during processing and achieving an effective appearance.
They can be thinner or thicker, can be stained according to your requirements, and perform perfectly at various types of processing, such as etching, making inscriptions, adding logos, and making holes of various shapes and dimensions.
They add an excellent finish to denim garments, jackets, suits, casual and sports clothing.

Actually the imitation horn buttons will satisfy, at a low price, all expectations and requirements you have to the classic horn buttons.

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