As the name suggests, men’s buttons are buttons produced for men’s clothing, usually consisting of four holes and can be produced from various materials. Men’s buttons, which is the common name of buttons used in men’s clothing, can be evaluated in many different textile products. Buttons used in clothes such as shirts, suits and coats can be preferred in darker colors, glossy or matte.


The fact that men’s clothing has four holes and women’s clothing has two holes, which has become a world standard, is also valid for these buttons. Men’s buttons with four holes are generally used in men’s clothing, although there are exceptions. Buttons used in men’s clothing are produced in certain standards. You can find other sizes of men’s buttons, which are produced in 14L – 16L – 18L – centimeter sizes on shirts, on our website’s lengths and minimum pieces tab.

Other Sizes of Men’s Buttons

The men’s buttons we produce for suits are 24L and 32L. Size 24L is used on jacket sleeves and trouser front button, while 32L size is used on the front of the jacket. In coats and coats
, buttons with sizes 36-40-44-48 are used. Men’s buttons, which can be produced from many different materials, may consist of many raw materials such as polyester, metal, corozo, horn, shell, urea and so on. Horn buttons, which are among the men’s buttons, which are generally preferred in dark colors, are highly used in suits. Another of the button types among men’s buttons is the corozo. The raw material color of these buttons, which is in demand due to its naturalness, is white. Corozo buttons, which also have the ability to be painted, are preferred more than other buttons with these features. Another feature of the corozo button is that it does not lose anything from its naturalness during painting, as it is painted with completely natural dyes.

The Most Preferred Men’s Buttons

Many high-end brands have started to use natural products with the increasing demand for natural buttons and the importance given to the environment. Natural men’s buttons, which are priced higher compared to synthetic buttons, increase the value of brands and products. Brands that appeal to conscious consumers have started to use natural shell buttons such as Trocas, River Shell and Agoya, especially in shirts. You can also view the natural-content men’s buttons, which are divided into several branches, on our Shell Button page.

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