The metal button, which is the oldest type of button history, is divided into two as raw material, zamak and brass. Metal buttons are often used in jeans and other denim clothing, velvet clothing and delicate sportswear. Snap button models are preferred in a wide variety of areas, especially in children’s and women’s models.


Buttons also fall into many categories within themselves. Snap-on button, sew-on button, bottom footed button and many similar products can be counted among the button types. Metal button types that increase the value and visuality of the clothes they are used with are accessible to everyone at affordable prices. Thanks to Polkom, where you can easily reach the types of metal buttons you need, you can fully meet your expectations.

Metal Buttons Are Very Popular

Metal buttons, one of the most used button types today, are indispensable parts of jeans. In addition to jeans, they are preferred in other denim clothing products, products included in the trousers category, clothing products made of velvet and delicate sports products. In addition, metal buttons with snap buttons are preferred in many areas such as shoes, bags, vests and shirts. Metal buttons are divided into two groups as zamak and brass according to their materials. These buttons can also be divided into categories such as sew-on snaps, snap button, bottom foot button. Metal buttons, which we produce in different sizes and colors in the categories requested by the customers, are meticulously processed. These buttons add a much more professional feel to the outfit they are attached to.  Metal buttons are one of the most important elements that make the jacket type called blazer stand out.

Functionality of Metal Buttons

Metal buttons, which can be used as an ornament in addition to their functionality, can be used with the sew on snap method or the buttoning method. Metal buttons, which can be produced in requested sizes, colors and types upon customers’ requests, are among the most sought-after button types in the industry. It is also possible to add a logo or brand to these products as embossed and text. Most companies only request these special requests in bulk order situations. Alongside the flat designed metal buttons, there are also metal buttons with embossed and embroidered details that look like an accessory. Thanks to this type of buttons, clothes come to the fore and become the focus of attention of customers. After choosing one of the zamak or brass materials according to their wishes, the customers have the opportunity to easily receive their products by specifying their preferences such as sew on snaps, snap button, bottom foot button, sewing button. Contact us to have the metal button options you need with Polkom privilege. Take advantage of our end-to-end solutions wherever you are by making your choice among our rich product range.

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