Shirt button, which is among the most used button types in the world, determines the quality of shirts. Shirt button options produced in 14L – 16L and 18L sizes as standard, can also be produced in 12L, 13L, 15L, 17L, 19L and 20L sizes upon your request. We are at your service with our qualified printouts in all button models you can think of, from the most preferred polyester shell button options to matte and fabric-covered models.


Our brand, which produces shirt buttons from all kinds of materials, offers you results that will increase the value of your shirts. Shirt button types that we produce in dozens of models and colors stand out with their stylish designs. Shirt button types, which are specially produced for the elegance of their users, can be produced using many materials. The most preferred shirt button in the industry is polyester. Because polyester has a lot of variety. Polyester buttons, one of the most used buttons in the world, are preferred thanks to their affordable price and quality structure.

Affluency in Shirt Button Types

Shirt button types produced by our factory make the shirt user feel special. Shirt button types, which stand out with their functionality as well as their aesthetic appearance, are one of the small details that make a person look stylish. For this reason, the quality and model of the button is a very important and remarkable element. As Polkom, which responds to the demands of shirt manufacturers at the highest level, we also produce non-standard shirt button types. If you let us know your model preference, we manufacture the shirt button of your dreams.

Latest Technology in Shirt Button Production

Our brand, which is the leader in shirt button production, also has laser engraving techniques. We produce button models that are compatible with this technique for you. Our team, which is expert in shirt button, produces models with a professional labor for you. As Polkom, which is one of the priority addresses you will prefer to get quality and fast service, we offer the most suitable solutions for your expectations. In our factory, which is very rich in raw materials, we also produce buttons in the color you want with the latest technology dyeing techniques. Our company, which acts in a customer-oriented manner, works hard to make you satisfied.

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