Another name for urea button types, which are generally used in clothes with high heat factors, is the Urea button. Urea button types, which are known for being organic and very durable, do not burn and do not lose their shape easily because they are resistant to heat. Continuing its activities with a professional service understanding, Polkom offers the highest quality urea button types for the satisfaction of its customers. You can easily make your choice from our different categories in the button area and create your order.


Each of our collections, consisting of a rich product range, is special and stylish. In addition, each of these products is above the quality standards. Urea button types produced with the cutting-edge technology used by our company are just one of these collections. Urea buttons used in clothes with high heat factors fully meet your expectations.

Urea Button Features

Urea is an expensive and difficult to process product. Therefore, the cost of urea button is higher than other buttons. Buckles are also made from this type of button used in luxury clothing. Our company offers urea button types that are above the quality standards and renews itself with your feedback. As Polkom, acting according to the principle of customer focus, we prioritize the wishes of our customers. We produce the models you want in urea buttons quickly. Thanks to these products, you can make the clothes you sell have a much more stylish look. You will not be able to give up once you meet our urea button types, which you can have either wholesale or retail.

Meet the Urea Button Pioneer

Our company, which stands out in the field of urea buttons with the models it produces and has a rich colour scale in its products, has been maintaining its leadership for many years. Our company, which enables you to reach a stylish and unique appearance with the buttons it offers, continues to be the innovative face of the sector, taking into account your wishes and opinions. Our company, acting in accordance with the requests and opinions from you, does not compromise on its quality. If you are looking for different products in the field of buttons, you can examine the products on our site in detail and buy those that appeal to you easily and quickly. If you have difficulty in making a decision, you can get support from our expert team and ensure that your transactions are carried out smoothly.

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