Wood Buttons


The wood button, which is a type of button that is highly appreciated by users, has a very special place in the button world with its natural appearance. Our wood button types, produced from boxwood, an easily machined and beautifully patterned tree, fully meet your expectations. We are proud to present you many varieties of easily painted wood buttons.


In wood button types, where you can get excellent results after applying text, patterns, emblems, and logos, the button is given a retro look with the burning method. You will love our range of wood buttons, which gain even more value with thick clothes or clothes that look worn. Wood buttons, one of the small details that provide elegance in an outfit, allow the clothes to have an aesthetic appearance.

Advantages of Wood Buttons

Types of wood buttons that allow the clothing to take shape are produced with high-quality construction with superior technology. Polkom, which has been on its way with a professional service understanding for many years, prioritizes the wishes of its customers. There are different models in wood button options, which are among the button types produced and offered for sale by our brand, which is the pioneer of the sector with many button models. All of the models we offer are within modern lines. Button types, which have a natural appearance, are preferred by a wide target audience thanks to their naturalness. These buttons are made of boxwood and can be used for many years with their durability. Wood button types can be painted quite easily. In this way, we offer you our products with a rich color scale.

Choose Quality with Types of Wood Buttons

The wood button types, which are burned after processing the pattern, lettering, emblem and logo, gain a vintage look. The button types, which are produced by our company in many models and colours, and which are at the forefront with their quality, appeal to different styles of clothing products. Wood button types, which are used especially in old-style clothes and provide a vintage look to the clothes, are also ecological. Wood buttons are painted with water-based paints. It is also possible to make these buttons brighter, which has a matte appearance thanks to its raw material. This process is done by varnishing.

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