Your address is certain for woven rubber, biye, cord, velcro and ribbon options. Textile products designed in different sizes carry the products you supply among the leaders of the sector. Textile products, which we can produce in different ways according to their usage areas and structures, increase the quality of your products.

You can easily reach the textile products you want by taking advantage of our free sample support. With our staff with more than 30 years of production experience, we fully meet your expectations and offer the details that will carry your brand to success from the highest level. It is also possible for you to have the textile products prepared in our production factory in Istanbul produced in the dimensions you want. You can also increase the financial value of the products you sell, thanks to woven rubber, biye, cord, velcro and ribbon options with different colour alternatives.

Quality Solutions in Woven Rubber, Biye, Cord, Velcro and Ribbon

You can order from all over the world in Polkom, which has a closed production area of 2000 m 2 . You will increase productivity in production thanks to the ribbon, velcro, cord, biye and woven rubber options included in textile products that are durable, high quality and robust for many years. By ordering online, you can contribute to the production processes without interrupting your workflow. Our brand, which is with you with solutions that save time and labor, instantly responds to your demands thanks to its strong stock network in quality textile products.

Ribbon, Velcro, Cord and Much More Textile Products

Allowing you to produce quality A solutions in textile products, Polkom continues to set the standards of the industry with its Oeko-Tex certified products. Contact us for solutions that exceed your expectations in textile products with the best raw materials and auxiliary materials. Our staff, who are experts in their fields, will kindly answer any questions you may have. Textile products that we produce in European standards can be preferred by businesses of all sizes. You can access the photos of the products you want to buy from our image gallery and request free samples. When you are undecided on the textile product you will choose, you can get support from our expert staff. In this way, you can always maintain your production standard. Check out our product range to reach the textile products that are always with you with their rich colour and pattern alternatives.