Cord is a product that is frequently used in clothing. With the cords we offer to our customers from cotton, polyester and other materials, we make the clothes look much more aesthetic and functional. Cords are accessories that are produced by combining or knitting threads, are widely used in the textile industry and have a compression function in clothes.


These products are categorized by being knitted from polyester, cotton and other materials. Over time, with the development of technology and competition, cord manufacturers have introduced different knitting patterns to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In this way, these accessories have also diversified. These products, which are produced in every color, are also paintable. Companies that do not use a large amount of cord and want to use this product in the same tones as the clothes often dye the products they buy in white to different colours.

Affluent Alternatives for Your Cord Needs

Thanks to Polkom, which you can consult for options also called cords in the sector, you can reach the most suitable options for your business’s budget. Our cord options, which are preferred by leading companies throughout their commercial life, can be used in many areas, especially in the textile industry. Thanks to our strong stock network, we produce cords from every material and every model you demand, with advanced technology. Thanks to the yarns we supply from suppliers with Ecotex certificate, we produce the most qualified products in the sector. Thanks to the cord options that can be preferred in tracksuits, shoes, skirts, shorts, hoodies and much more, you can make the products you offer look much more aesthetic.

We Are Here With Cord Options

Adding value to your business thanks to its rich cord options, Polkom fully meets your expectations thanks to its wide product range and strong stocks. You can increase the value of your products thanks to the cord options that we can produce in many different materials you can think of, from polyester to cotton. You can easily choose from the dozens of color options we offer for those who love the harmony of tonal garments or contrasting colors. You can also send us samples for the same color cord requests for the fabrics you want and have us produce the same color cord. Thanks to the rich product options we offer specifically for your business, you can effortlessly ensure that the products you supply are much more qualified.