As the name suggests, Woven Rubber is a type of rubber produced in weaving machines, which is harder than knitted elastics. As you can see in the table below, we meet your expectations in the best way with woven rubber options that we can produce in many standards.


We meet your needs with our end-to-end solutions with our strong stock network in woven rubber consisting of black and white colours. At Polkom, where we have the opportunity to produce all other sizes, we can also paint in all kinds of colours. You can choose between standard production lengths among our woven rubbers that we produce from latex and polyester, or choose special production options according to your demand. Meet with high quality products at Polkom, where the most suitable solutions for your needs are offered.

Usage Areas of Woven Rubbers

Woven rubber options, which have a wide range of uses, can be preferred in occupational safety, medical, furniture, automotive textiles, printing, ready-made clothing, home textiles, shoes, bijouterie, haberdashery and clothing products. You can have the woven rubber types we produce on high-tech machines with the advantage of faultless productions. Woven rubber options, which are very advantageous for those who are looking for trouble-free fabrics and fast delivery, reflect the developments in the sector in the best way with their modern designs. You can share all your questions, opinions and suggestions about woven rubbers with our staff who are experts in their fields. Our team, who are certified and trained, will be very happy to assist you.

Colors Used in Woven Rubber Options

Polkom, which produces in the colour and pattern you want, especially in the most preferred black and white colours in the sector, also produces woven rubbers in special colours that you cannot find in the market. Woven rubber types, which you can evaluate in various fields, especially in the ready-made clothing sector, are produced in high quality. The types of woven rubbers that you can have in the size and dimensions you want can be produced from different raw materials such as cotton, polyester and nylon. There are elastic threads in the woven rubber options, which have the possibility of stretching in the transverse direction. These options, which add value to the areas where they are used, meet your expectations in the best way. You can also consult us for the types of woven rubbers that your business needs.