Velcro is a type of accessory used in many branches of the textile industry as well as in many different sectors.


Velcro options, which have many sizes and colours, make textile products much more functional. Velcro, which becomes practical with the interlocking of two parts ergonomically, was designed in 1941 by a Swiss engineer, George de Mestral. After examining the fleas stuck to the feathers of a hunting dog, George saw thousands of small hooks clinging to the feathers and as inspired by his dog, this played an important role in the formation of the accessory called Hook and Loop today. Velcro, which has undergone many changes since those days, is produced much faster and more durable today.

Usage Areas of Velcros

Velcro is a perfectly designed accessory type that is functionally used to clamp the two ends to each other in the easiest way possible. These velcros, which have many functions, are also used for industrial purposes apart from the clothing sector. In the clothing industry, the most common areas include coats, tracksuits, sportswear and shoes. These products, which are used alongside other joining elements such as buttons and zippers, or where they need to be joined separately, are very functional.

Colors and Sizes of Velcros

Velcros are products that are produced in all colors and have various widths and thicknesses. Keeping all the main colours in stock and in standard widths, Polkom allows you to easily access the Velcro options you need. The main widths of the Velcro options that you can have in different sizes can be listed as 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm. The most preferred velcro colors in the industry are black and white. Accordingly, our rich product range mostly stocks black and white velcros. Thanks to Polkom, where you can easily access other color alternatives such as brown, blue, yellow, red and green, you can easily access the Velcro options you need and buy them quickly.