Polkom, which meets your expectations in the best way with its quality solutions, is at your side with a wide variety of labels you can choose to be used in textile products. You can choose the suitable one for your business among options such as textile, cardboard, leather, weaving, printing, content and size label, and you can improve the quality of the clothes you use these products.

Label options, which are introduced as a kind of identity of the products you sell, have an important place in branding and industrial applications. The types of labels we produce in different types and sizes increase the value and awareness of your brand. Washing instructions, size options and label types on which you can even print notes to your customers are very advantageous in terms of promoting your brand.

New Generation Solutions in Label Types

Polkom, which offers new generation solutions in labels, adds value to your business with options that keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our brand, which offers quality labels preferred by those who care about the prestige of its brand, at an affordable price, has a special system that will leave your competitors behind. Our brand, which is at the forefront with its sectoral experience and knowledge, is the choice of those who want to make a name for themselves with its quality in their customer portfolio. Our company, which offers options such as textile, cardboard, leather, weaving, printing, content label and size label, highlights the quality of your strong products so that your company can have a unique appearance. Options that minimize the deformation of the products you use can be integrated into the textile product with materials such as plastic twine, ribbon or rope. If you wish, you can directly integrate the labels into the products by sewing.

Stand out with Label Types

You can also print your brand’s logo and name on the varieties that are a real design wonder. You can request samples from us for the types of labels you can prefer to obtain high-resolution prints, and you can ensure that your labels are sent to you wherever you are in the world with our end-to-end solutions. In addition to standard sizes, our company, which also carries out special design works according to the wishes of its customers, increases the quality of your products with remarkable prints. In our company, where the latest technological equipment is used, you can order as many labels as you want from which you can get error-free printouts. If you cannot decide which label is suitable for your product, you can get information from our sales consultants.