Labels that describe the components of the fabric from which the products are made, and which are usually on the inside of the garments, are called content labels. Care label options can be produced from many raw materials. The most preferred raw materials in these products are satin and Japanese astringent.


These products, which are produced more in the form of printing thanks to their cost and do not disturb because they are in the interior of the dress, are very thin. The content label, which is produced by using especially thin papers, should not harm the body of the user. The content label options that we produce from quality raw materials do not disturb the consumers and do not cause any allergies. Content label options, on which the texts are printed clearly and clearly, are one of the small details that increase the quality of the products. Warnings, barcode, address, fabric mixture information, washing instructions and brand label can be found on the content label, on which spare buttons can be sewn.

Content Label serves as a bridge for the Brand and the Consumer

The content label, which is preferred for the purpose of providing communication between the brand and the consumer, allows the transfer of important information to the users. The content label, where important information such as brand messages, prices, size information, production place, washing instructions are delivered to the users, has a non-flow feature. In this way, the dyes on the label do not get on the clothes. Our content labels, which we have produced in accordance with the high quality standard, do not disturb the person thanks to their soft texture. These products, which do not wear out easily, do not disturb the user. The content label, which is at very low levels in terms of unit cost, is accessible to every business. Our content label designs, which will meet your expectations well, are plain as standard. Content label options, which you can choose in different models according to your request, can be evaluated in accessories and clothing.

Good Quality Thread on Content Label

In content label options where good quality yarn is used, the yarns are passed over and under each other in a certain order. These products, which can also be used for advertising and promotion purposes, add value to the prestige of brands. Content labels, which are preferred not only for product information but also for product decoration, have a unique design that fits every style. The content label, which you can choose to display a professional stance, does not fade over time and makes the person feel comfortable with its texture. The content label, which can be preferred for businesses of all sizes with its affordable cost, is not felt on the garment. Contact us to have these products that fully meet your expectations with minimum friction.