Printed label options, which are one of the types of labels produced by printing on the fabric, are a very popular accessory. Printed label options, which are preferred for products such as shoes and clothes, are preferred to provide users with various information.


Printed label options, which you can use on many different products, especially on clothes, are helpful in determining the identity of brands. It also includes instructions to help consumers look their best after purchasing the product. The printed label options that you can choose in accordance with the laws in force for the protection of consumers are helpful in promoting your brand by acting as an identity of the garments.

Professional Production of Printed Label

We can produce the printed label options, which we carry out with professional machines, in a wide variety of sizes. Printed label options, on which you can also print your brand’s logo, help increase your brand awareness. Within the scope of our services, which you can get at extremely reasonable prices, you can choose standard label sizes or custom label sizes. You can evaluate the printed label options on which the size of the products or the brand name can be written, in a wide variety of areas. The printed label alternatives we offer to the whole world are produced in accordance with the laws of the applicable country and relevant legislation. Printed label options, where the manufacturer’s identity can be clearly determined, are very effective in strengthening the brand’s identity.

Determine Printed Label Sizes

You can add the necessary information about the garments to a single label or present this information to consumers on separate labels. We meet your expectations in the best way with the printed label services that we perform completely depending on your needs and demands. Contact us for the printed label options you can choose for messages you want to reflect your consumers, such as organic fibre content and sustainable production. In our factory, which has high quality and fast production systems, we print all kinds of labels you need without any problems. If you want to find the quality and affordable price together in the printed label options we offer with the advantages of error-free production and fast delivery, we invite you to Polkom’s qualified world. From buttons to metal buckles, from ribbons to zippers, we fully meet your expectations thanks to our company, which you can consult on any subject you can think of.