The size label, as the name suggests, is the label used to indicate the sizes of the products. The size label types, which have different cutting types such as flat, bladed, roll and guillotine cutting, can be prepared with different production techniques such as offset, flexo and serigraph.


You can use size labels that you can prefer with different stickers such as transparent, opaque, craft paper, first dough and coating for warning and informing the consumer. The size label, which allows people to choose the size and height before purchasing the product, has different types. Thanks to the size label, which has different forms such as home textiles, belts, shakes, and cardboard, people can easily have models that are most suitable for their bodies.

Advantages of Size Label Alternatives

Size labels, which have a special system that does not adhere to the garment when ironed, can be produced with different materials such as cotton edges, braided satin and cardboard. These products, which you can choose to have the most suitable size label for your brand, can also be preferred for different purposes such as washing instructions, product model, origin, mixture, size and height. These products, which can be subject to different cutting forms such as laser cutting, knife cutting and guillotine cutting, can be produced with different types of fabrics. The size label, which allows you to best reflect the appearance you want to create thanks to different raw materials and different weights, can be used in a wide range of areas, especially in the textile sector.

The Size Label is the Garment’s Identity Card

Types of size labels, which act as a kind of identity card for clothes, ensure the protection of both producers and consumers. Since these products are sold in an integrated manner with clothing, they should not cause allergies in terms of construction material. It is important that the signs on these products, which do not fade over time and do not leak paint, are understandable. Labels that will best meet your expectations with quality printing and quality raw materials can be manufactured from different materials according to your demand. Contact us to reach qualified products that you can choose in the apparel industry. Enjoy the privilege of producing quality labels from any material you want.