Textile label is the general name of the label types produced from textile. Our company, which can produce many different types of labels, adds value to your business. Labels are a type of accessory that gains importance as branding increases and is almost an indispensable part of the textile industry. Many different types of textile labels are available in our product range.


You can find some of these labels in our main product category. It is possible to strengthen your brand thanks to the textile label options that we can produce with different materials such as paper, cardboard, woven, leather and fabric. You can choose different raw materials in the textile label options that we produce from thick and thin papers. Textile label options that best meet the needs of your brand can be preferred to inform the consumer of legal warnings and instructions. In addition, you can adapt different data such as warning, barcode, address and information, fabric mix, washing instructions and brand labels among the textile label options where you can provide information about the place of production, importer-manufacturer companies and the product.

Plenty of Alternatives in Textile Label Types

It is possible to have textile labels made on different fabric options such as polyester, edge braided, satin, nylon and taffeta fabric. With Polkom, which has rich options in printing techniques and label cutting, you can reach the solutions that will meet your expectations in the best way. If you provide information about the work to be done during the order, you can benefit from end-to-end solutions. It is possible to get error-free printouts by specifying the size, number and type of textile label of the products. You can request a free sample for the type of label you want. In this way, you will have the opportunity to experience the quality of our products one-on-one.

Solutions Suitable for Your Needs in Textile Labels

We offer the most suitable solutions for your demands and needs in textile label options that we can produce with disposable materials such as paper and cardboard. We produce textile label options, which we prepare with different materials, from leather labels to woven labels, in our factory equipped with the latest technology. We export our own products to Europe and many parts of the world. Thanks to our brand, which is among the most qualified companies in the sector, you can print labels that will increase the quality of your brand and products and attract the attention of our customers. You can request the amount of labels you need by contacting us immediately.