Textile Labels

Woven Jacquard labels are made of polyester with different thickness and knits, are resistant to washing and high temperatures.


The threads we use are manufactured according to OEKO standards and our products are tested periodically throughout the year.
Each yarn has test for ironing, greasing, dyeing and shrinkage tests before entering our warehouse.
Each jacquard label is produced according to the customer’s requirements.
The customer can customize the shape, colors, design, and size of the label.
Labels can be delivered on a roll or cut and folded.
There is a possibility for production of satin woven labels as well.
Types of folding the label:
– Side folding-1
– folding in the middle -1
– folding in the middle -2
– The two narrow sides, folded at an angle of 45 degrees upwards
– Without hemming