Woven labels are one of the most popular but also one of the most difficult types of labels produced on looms. The woven label options that you can choose for the purpose of advertising and product promotion can be used in many different areas, especially in the textile sector.


Woven label options that add beauty and lasting value to the products are divided into different types such as taffeta, satin and scarf satin. Woven label options, which are preferred by companies that attach importance to their prestige and want to increase their quality, are advantageous because they are permanent. The woven label options, which continue to promote your brand as long as the product exists, may include information such as washing instructions, size, model, company name. Woven label options, which are also very advantageous in terms of decoration of products, help your brand to be launched perfectly.

Woven Label Creation Process

The woven label process, which starts with the graphic work, continues with the quality, size and color of the products. For woven label options that you can present with digital output, one-to-one samples are prepared depending on your demands. We can produce woven label options, which can become much more attractive with various applications such as embossing, glitter and polishing, in the size, colour and shape you want. Thanks to the meticulous work of our expert staff and our technological equipment, we meet your needs in the best way possible. The woven label options that you can choose for advertising and promotional purposes also have a very important place in the shoe industry. Woven label options, which generally have a yarn thickness of 90 denier, experience an increase in cost when they undergo extra processes such as polishing.

Woven Label Usage Instructions

It is necessary to wash the products at 60° temperature in order to avoid any deformation and color fading. Weaving yarn options produced by passing the yarns under and over each other in a certain order also have an important place for product decoration. These products, which you can choose to strengthen your brand, are one of the important steps you will take on the way to institutionalization. Woven label options, which function as a complementary detail of the products, can also be used as accessories. These options, where you can reflect the quality of the clothes in the best way, add added value as they constantly advertise your brand. There are different production outputs such as satin weaving, narrow weaving and jacquard narrow weaving among the woven label options that have a flat surface and make themselves noticeable at first glance with their quality. Contact us for woven label options that you can evaluate in a wide variety of areas from the furniture industry to decoration products.