Consult us for zipper types preferred in many textile products, from linens to bags, especially ready-to-wear products. Our brand, which has a wide product range, fully meets your expectations thanks to metal, bone, spiral and zipper tape types. Zippers of different sizes and features increase the quality of the products you use.

These products, which users can use for many years without any problems, can be produced with different materials. Thanks to Polkom, where you can reach personalized zipper options according to your demand, you will have a hard time choosing among dozens of options with different tooth widths. If you are having trouble deciding which product is right for you, you can also take advantage of our free sample service.

High Durability in Zipper Types

Our zipper types, which are highly resistant to user error and the negative effects of environmental conditions, can be evaluated in many different areas from sportswear to leather, from sea clothes to baby wear products. You can choose among these products, which have different types such as combi, metal bottom and separe. Polkom, which closely follows the developments in the field of fashion and apparel, ensures that you have the products you demand at the most affordable prices. As the pioneer of the latest technology, we produce quality outputs with the applications we have implemented by observing international standards. You will also be satisfied with the zipper production we carried out under the supervision of chemical and mechanical engineers.

High Quality in Zipper Types

As Polkom family, we prioritize quality in all products we supply to the sector. Our company, where you can reach all kinds of zippers you need, maintains its strong position among the leaders of the sector with its durable products. You can increase the quality of the products you supply by choosing among metal, bone, spiral and zipper tape options. Contact us for wholesale access to single bottom and double bottom slider zippers. Moreover, you can print your brand name and logo on the puller part of your preferred zippers. Thanks to the applications we perform with laser printers, you can achieve permanent, strong and aesthetic results. In addition to the printed pullers preferred by companies that understand the importance of branding, you can also access design options. Take action immediately to exceed your expectations thanks to Polkom, which focuses on your brand with a holistic approach.