Metal zippers are a type of zipper made of metal teeth, usually made of brass. Metal zipper types, which are one of the most preferred zipper types, are also very functional in terms of aesthetics. Metal zippers are a common type of zipper. It is divided into three main headings as bottom zipper, separate zipper and combi zipper.


This type of zipper can be opened on both sides and on one side, it can also be produced with or without a lock. Zipper sliders and pullers can also be produced in zipper colors. There are many types of metal zippers. These types are measured by width; some of them are as follows. Type 2 metal zipper 3.50 – 3.60 mm, Type 4 metal zipper 4.45 – 4.55 mm, Type 5 metal zipper 5.80 – 6.00 mm, Type 8 metal zipper 8.10 – 8.20 mm and Type 10 metal zipper has a width of 8.50 – 8.60 mm.

Durability and Usage Areas of Metal Zippers

Metal zippers can be produced from many different metals. Brass or zamak is generally preferred for metal zippers. The most prominent feature of these zippers is their durability. Since they are made of stronger materials compared to other zippers, they are used in harder products. Nylon and vislon zippers are generally used in light clothing or other textile products as they are produced from softer materials due to their structure, but metal zippers can be used in almost any type of textile.

Color Options of Metal Zippers

Metal zipper types, which have a more limited color scale compared to other zipper types, can be produced from almost any metal color. They are generally preferred in nickel, black free and miralloy colors. We can also produce in other colors according to the demands of our customers. In general, metal teeth, sliders and pullers are produced in the same colours. In addition, it is possible to produce in different colours. As Polkom, we supply our customers with separate color charts for stripe color and metal color. Our customers can choose colors from the color chart. At the same time, we are at your side with the opportunity to apply our customers’ logos to the pullers and to produce special design pullers. These applications, which make your brand stand out and allow the quality to go down to the details, also increase the value of the products you sell.