Spiral zipper is the common name of zippers produced from nylon and polyester. Spiral zippers, one of the most common types of zippers, are very affordable. Made of nylon or polyester with threads sewn into the tape and helically secured, this very stretchy strain is often used in lightweight garments.


Spiral zippers, which are the most common and most affordable zipper type, are very popular in the industry, as their production and prices are much lower than other zipper types. According to the outer width of the spiral zippers; TYPE 5 nylon zipper is 4.00 – 4.20 mm, TYPE 7 nylon zipper is 4.90 – 5.00 mm, TYPE 10 nylon zipper is 5.90 – 6.00 mm, and TYPE 11 nylon zipper is 6.30 – 6.40 mm.

Usage Areas of Spiral Zippers

Thanks to their flexibility and lightness, spiral zipper types, which are mostly used in baby clothes, children’s clothes and women’s clothes, provide ergonomics in the areas they are used. There are also many slider options available in this zipper type. There are also slider options that open in an X shape, open to a single point and open in separate directions. Apart from clothes, it is possible to come across these types of zippers in many items of storage, bags, shoes and bed linen textiles. In recent years, brands have been paying great attention to accessories. Many domestic and foreign brands prefer accessories with their own logos. Pullers are one of these accessories. You can bring your corporate identity to the fore by printing your brand name or logo on the pullers located at the end of the zippers.

Color Options of Spiral Zippers

You can consult us for all color types you can think of for spiral zippers. Spiral zippers are usually in transparent colors. We have the opportunity to produce any color that you can choose from our color catalogs, although there is a chance to be dyed. This is also the case for the strip part. We have a sliver color chart and we can offer it to our customers free of charge. We can offer puller and slider colors in any color in line with the demands of our customers. You can consult us for other special colors you request. Our company, which offers different puller models, includes customer logo or brand name work in its services.