Vislon zipper is a durable zipper-type with very popular and rich colour options, produced by using polyacetal raw material in its teeth. Vislon zippers are mostly used in coarse clothes due to the thickness of the teeth. This type of zipper, which is more suitable for clothes such as coats and coats, is also very flexible and durable. These vislon zipper types, which are flexible, stylish and have fewer opening and closing problems compared to other zippers, are also suitable for tracksuits and home textiles.


Vislon zipper types that have developed over time in line with developing technology, widespread auxiliary materials and mechanization are also visually advantageous. It can be used on vislon zippers with many pullers, sliders and stopper options. Thanks to Polkom, which offers vislon zippers to its customers in a very fast and high-quality way, you will reach the options you need effortlessly.

Color Options of Vislon Zippers

Vislon zippers can be produced in many colours due to their structure. We can quickly produce vislon zippers in any colour you choose from our colour catalogues. Zippers are one of the most popular textile accessories in recent years. Colour combinations are generally preferred so that the strip, slider, zipper and puller are the same. Thanks to Polkom, which also offers different color combinations, you can make your clothes look much more aesthetic. We keep the most preferred vislon zipper colours in the industry, especially white vislon zippers, in our strong stock network. We can also produce fabric colors sent by our customers in our production center, where we have the opportunity to produce any color from Pantone color charts.

Vislon Zipper Types

As with other zipper types, there are several types of vislon zippers. These varieties are type 3 with tooth width of 4.40 – 4.50 mm, type 6 with 7.80 – 7.90 mm and type 6 with 8.50 – 8.60 mm as type 9 vislon zippers can be counted as vislon zippers. Vislon zippers, which we can also categorize according to their opening direction, are generally preferred in classical form, to be opened from top to bottom. Other options, on the other hand, offer many options such as from centre to two directions, from two directions to the centre, separately or indoor use. Vislon zippers, which also offer options when choosing pullers and many sliders, are very advantageous with these features.