The zipper tape is a form of zipper that is sold in rolls, where a slider and a stopper are attached by users, it is not actually a type of zipper. Zipper tape options, which can be expressed as a zipper sales method, are offered for sale in meters.  The many different types of zipper tape options correspond to the zipper being sold in rolls.


These types of zippers are generally purchased by zipper wholesalers to provide fast service to their customers. Upon order, they are cut in desired sizes and made ready for use. Zipper tape options, which act as a tape on which zipper teeth are mounted, have different options. This product has different alternatives according to the type of product to be sewn.

Unique Details of Zipper Tape

Zipper tape options consist of several parts. The first of these parts is the teeth. A tooth is a part made of metal, plastic or bone. The tooth part on both sides of the tape of zipper refers to the part that is interlocked or separated by the movement of the slider. The slider on the zipper tape, which varies according to the gear width and the raw material it is produced, may also vary depending on the material structure. Zipper tape options, which you can buy on a metered basis, are very economical. Thanks to Polkom, which has a wide range of color options, you can safely and easily have the zipper tape options you need.

End-to-End Solutions for Zipper Tape Types

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